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What can you actually recycle

Let's start with those 4 groups

Paper recycling .jpg


 White office paper

Magazines and books (as long as nothing is laminated)


    Cardboard (boxes and cereal boxes).


    Beverage bottles

    Food jars such as pasta sauce, jam and mayonnaise bottles

Glass Recycling.jpg
Metal Recycling.jpg


    Cans (for example: Cooldrinks and beers)

    Food tins

    Metal lids of glass jars

    Aluminum cans

    Foil and foil packaging

    Paint, oil and aerosol cans


Most of the plastic packaging we use on a daily basis is recyclable. 

A few examples:  

  • Milk, juice and water bottles

  • Cleaning liquid bottles

All recyclable plastic items are indicated with the triangular recycling logo 

Plastic Recycling.jpg

What should you NOT recycle


Non Recyclables


    Drinking glasses

    Laminated or waxy paper

    Punch confetti

    Carbon paper


    Batteries and light bulbs - should be dropped-off at  for example; Pick n Pays or Woolworths stores where they will be disposed of safely as toxins can leach into the ground and ground water.

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